Thursday, July 07, 2005


The self proclaimed Ubar whispered to me, "If you wish to be accepted, there are certain words that are used. The spelling of these words does not exist but in the minds of the clueless. The use of these words clearly identify the non-readers. The words are karta, kolar, urth and rask" ~ Onlinisms of Gor, Paige 222

The warrior walked out after saying his goodbyes just as the small tornado hit. The wind ripped sharply through the tavern and I quickly ducked so that it would miss me. I looked up as another fellow got up off of the floor. "That was close," he remarked, "Winds is bad, but It is much worse when they add steel to it as well". ~ Onlinisms of Gor, Page 53

The slave returned with the drink that he commanded of her. She stopped and knelt several feet away and spoke, "Master, may this lowly slut bring you your drink"? The Man looked confused and then glared at the slave. "I already ordered you to bring me the drink you silly twit. Do I have to order you to bring it to me more than once?" ~ Onlinisms of Gor, Page 29

The webmaster and his assistant added the words "kolar, karta, urth, and rask" to the website and wondered, "Will people now believe that they are really supposed to use these words"? The web master asked, "or will they know better"?. The assistant laughed and shook his head. "It's on a webpage. They will believe it because we know so few read the books." The webmaster nodded agreeing. "Thats great. Then we'll also add that they are to send us $5.00 each time they log on". ~ How Bill Gates made his first million, Page 52

The slave looked up at him with her shiny new ruby collar glittering off of the tavern firelight. She looked so beautiful as she spoke. "Alright Master, now if you want permission to talk to me you will allow me to design the website as I please and I will decide who I will serve" What else could he do? He had never read a Gor book and had no idea if her actions were permitted. If he wanted to own her he must surrender to her demands and hand her own leash over to her, so of course he did. ~ Witless of Gor, Page 10

The make believe master put his collar around the husky boy's neck. "Now remember" he pleaded, "If anybody should ask, you are a girl". The boy lovingly looked up and smiled. "Oh come on", the master remarked, "Get up here and keep my lap warm". ~ Witless of Gor, Page 69

With a stunned look on his face, eyes blinking in shock, James(LOL)FS asked in disbelief, "Y/you mean there are actual B/books to read about G/gor?" He then reached out and took his sweetened steaming bloodwyne from the sub that knelt before him. ~ Witless of Gor, pg 216

The slave lay on the tiles crying from the masters harsh words. Several other free in the room looked disapprovingly at the man that had yelled at the girl. "What do you think you are doing"?, they asked him. "What makes you think that you can yell at a slave? They are to be treated with respect and shown dignity. Come here little one. It's all better. No one will order you around now". ~ Coddlers of Gor, Page 312

The self proclaimed Ubar became frustrated and angry when he was asked a question regarding Gor which he of course could not answer. So, unleashing His boot button he assailed the visitor with the book and ejected him and his confounded Gor book from the room allowing the room owner to maintain the pretence that he had some Gorean knowledge. ~ Booters of Gor, Page 132

The self proclaimed Ubar had called a room ignore on the book-toting Gorean, but he knew that this weak attempt to silence the truth would not work, so he messaged his stronger ally, the script-kiddie master. With a sigh of relief at the booter's arrival, the self proclaimed Ubar pointed at the Gorean with the book knowledge and murmured in wimpering tones, "Use your awesome power to get that thing out of here! He's ruining our game!" ~ Booters of Gor, page 16

The self proclaimed Ubar led us down the street. "You see those free persons wearing collars"?, he asked us. "Those are not slaves but actually free that are displaying their loyalty to a bar. They will risk looking like a slave in order to show whose alcohol they will die defending" ~ Initials of Gor, page 321

The slave with six sets of initials following her name knelt upon the furs and offered service. The free looked at the girl with confused expressions as they attempted to decipher the many meanings hidden in them. When asked what the "OLO" stood for the slut smiled shyly and replied, "Master, that means On Line Only". James(LOL)FS shook his head at the girl. "Your master needs to reduce some of those initials, slave. There are too many. Take my free collar for instance. It is easy to interpret (LOL) as Lives On Line and FS as Full of Shit." ~ Initials of Gor, Page 154

The room owner was explaining to the new comers that to be Gorean was to be themselves. As individual as they themselves were. "So be yourself and do not give in to others pressure. Be a free thinker unfettered by others ideas. Be your own person. Now come and wear my room tags showing you are a part of the collective." ~ Initials of Gor, Page 433

I walked over to the Man wearing the collar and read the IFC inscribed on it. I considered it's meaning and then had to ask him why he would do such a thing. He looked at me and smiled, "Look, if you sign the contract then you can only have one woman at a time and you are chained to them for a whole year. But if you can convince them to IFC then you can have as many as you want, end it when you want, and still get all the benefits. It's a great way to string them along. You want a FW to act like a slave for you? Just IFC her". I then came to the realization that I would never be any good at playing the game. But I also had to marvel at how easily the uneducated woman could be fooled. ~ Initials of Gor, Page 230

The little ones stood around me as I prepared for my long trip to the fabled land of Ar. The first one spoke, "Follow the dirty brick road". I could see the brick road as it spiraled off into the sunset. The next one spoke, "Follow the dirty brick road", she said. I nodded and started off on my journey taking care not to step on their tiny feet. Three of them then stopped before me and sang, "We represent the lil one guild, the lil one guild, the lil one guild". ~ Little ones of Gor, Page 212

The Master smiled down at the girl and commanded her, "To my lap, little one". However, he had not taken her r/t existence into account. The girl hoisted herself up and hopped onto his lap as the chair cracked and crashed. The master and the 300lb little one collapsed to the floor causing him a permanent injury. ~ Not so little ones of Gor, Page 82, 83, 84, 85, and 86.

The little ones slowly approached the house that the now dead FW lay beneath. Could it be true? Was the mean old FW finally dead? Were they now allowed to be happy and rejoice? Suddenly they sang out loudly, "Ding dong the Bitch is dead, which old Bitch, the wicked Bitch. Ding dong the wicked Bitch is dead". ~ Little ones of Gor, Page 86.

The traveller from the bdsm world was easy to spot. "T/thats R/right. I/in M/my W/world W/we A/always S/speak L/like T/this." ~ Travellers to Gor, Page 192

The learned educator nodded thoughtfully as the student recited the gorean alphabet. Upon completing the scribe smiled, "Well done child. Now that you know your letters, know that all words are equal. The letters are to look the same. The difference is in how the words are used. Will you use them strong or will you be weak? Let the content of your words shape who you are, not the look of them". ~ Scribes of Gor, Page 232

Comicus of Cos appreciated the crowds applause. "Thats right. I never get no respect. When I was a kid I asked My father how to get My kite into the air. He said I should run off a cliff. The other day I got a message from the FW next door that said to come over, nobody is home. I went over. Nobody was home." ~ Stand-up Philosophers of Gor, Page 18

Comicus of Cos appreciated the crowds applause. "I went to see my physician and said, Doctor, every morning when I get up and look in the mirror I feel like throwing up. What's wrong with Me ? He said, I don't know but your eyesight is perfect. It's really been a rough day... I got up this morning, put a shirt on and a button fell off. I picked up my backpack and the strap came off. Now I'm afraid to go to the bathroom." ~ Stand-up Philosophers of Gor, Page 19

Comicus of Cos appreciated the crowds applause. "A lack of respect?. I never get no respect. My FC made Me join a bridge club ... I jump off next tuesday. My FC always likes to talk to Me during sex. The other night she yelled to Me from My neighbors house. I went to the doctor because I'd swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills. My doctor told me to have a few drinks and get some rest." ~ Stand-up Philosophers of Gor, Page 20

Comicus of Cos appreciated the crowds applause. "The physician told me I'm going crazy. I told him...If you don't mind I'd like a second opinion... he said...'re ugly too!" Last week My tunic caught on fire. My FC tried to put it out with an ax. I was kidnapped and My FC was sent a piece of My finger. She said she needed more proof." ~ Stand-up Philosophers of Gor, Page 21

Comicus of Cos appreciated the crowds applause. "And let Me tell you about My FC. She had claimed she was a virgin. But now I find out that she's been on her knee's more often than an initiate. She's been mounted more often than a military tharlarion." ~ Stand-up Philosophers of Gor, Page 22

Comicus of Cos appreciated the crowds applause. "Lately I have pondered the mysteries of life. Do illiterate people get the full impact of alphabet soup? If quizzes are quizzical what does that make tests? And finally, who was the first person to say, "See that chicken? I'm gonna eat the next thing to come outta it's ass". ~ Stand-up Philosophers of Gor, Page 23